Hope-Merrill House Wine Country Inn
Information and Policies

Covid-19 protocol

Some of the details of the protocols that we will be following to provide you with a healthy environment.  Following Best Management Practices, put in place by Sonoma County Health Department, our Hope-Merrill House will be practicing those strict procedures on a daily basis.


Employees are educated on COVID-19, proper hand cleaning practices, wearing of masks  & gloves.  The training includes extensive cleaning procedures, disinfecting of common areas inside and outside.

Guests rooms, will not be cleaned or entered into during your stay so as not to touch any of your personal items..  Should you need towels or other items during your stay, we can most certainly accommodate that.  Once the guest has departed,  the employee will follow all of the strict cleaning guidelines, including airing the room out and not rebooking the room for a 24 hour period.


Arrival Time will be between 3:00pm & 7:30pm. Please arrive at the front door, being sure to keep to the 6ft distancing between arriving guests.   We are required to take your temperature prior to your entering through the door.  Should more than one couple arrive at the same time, we will take your temperature and then usher you into the living room to await us.  Once everyone is in, we will continue with your check-in, in the order of your arrival.

Guests when outside their rooms will be required to wear a mask at all times, except while seating down to eat.

The 6 foot Social Distancing is required of all guests & personnel.  The exception is when the guests, who live together or who are family traveling together, up to 6 members, may sit together.

Balance of room charges will be made prior to arrival to avoid having to use a credit card or sign for it.  No cash payments.

Breakfast will be served on an individual tray, cafeteria style that you will pick up and take to your table.  All condiments will be single use.

Tables will be assigned for you to avoid any confusion.

Should anyone have questions or comcerns about our protocols, please feel free to address them with us.

Important Information
Cancellation Policy

We, at the Hope-Merrill Inn do our best to honor any special requests, but due to the limited number of rooms and situations beyond our control, this occasionally is not possible.  Also due to our intimate size, cancellation affect us significantly, so we must strictly adhere to our policies.

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