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Newsletter January 10, 2020


The Sonoma Wine Country Needs Your Help

As you all know, our very special Sonoma Wine Country experienced yet another horrific wild fire called the Kincade Fires.  Almost 78,000 acres were burned with winds of up to 93 miles per hour.  That being said, unlike the Tubbs Fire, there were no deaths and only 3 injuries, one of which was a fireman.  How was that possible you say?   The answer was the decision to evacuate everyone in the county plus the 5,200 fireman on the job.  Fire fighters came from all over California and from many states outside California.  What they did was awesome and amazing.  What that equated to was the saving of 93% of our county.

Again, the fires which began in Geyserville across the river from us and moved up into the hills scorching several  properties, a few homes, Soda Rock & Field Stone Wineries.  The fire did not cross the river into our bucolic little Hamlet.  

Now is the time to return to the wine country to support all of our economy, so that the process of rebuilding can begin.  Homes need to be rebuilt, businesses need to get back providing jobs for those who lost theirs.  You can do that by participating in many of the winery events that will be occurring over the next few months.  And remember, winter is a great time to visit as it is the quietest time of the year which allows for a lot of face time with the winey personnel..  Many who are themselves  the winemaker & or owners.

From Now Through March 31, 2020                  Support Sonoma Strong


R eturn or Make your First Trip to the Beautiful Wine Country of Geyserville which is wide open and ready for your business.  Take advantage of our package.  Stay one night and receive 25% off  the night stay.   Stay two nights and receive 50% off the second night.  Stay three nights and get the third night free.  No matter the number of nights, everyone will receive a Complimentary Wine Tasting Pass to over 100 wineries. 

Note:  This package is based on two persons, one room.  May not be paired with any other offer.  Must be booked directly. This package is valid through March 31, 2020.  Not valid on event days or holidays.

January 18 & 19, 2020          Winter Wineland We Will Comp Your Tickets!

This is a great opportunity to meet some winemakers &/or taste limited addition wines.  All participating wineries will feature either a particular varietal, vintage or vertical tasting.  For further info go to www.wineroad.com.

Enjoy a Stay Two Nights With Us & Receive Two Complimentary Tickets to Winter Wineland.  A $60 Value
Also Enjoy a Complimentary Soup & Salad Supper on Friday Night.
Event Dates: Friday, Saturday, Sunday January 17, 18 & 19, 2020.

  • This package must be requested at the time of booking, and is not available for previously booked reservations.

Chocolate and Amore  

- What's Not to Love...Chocolate & Love

Kick start your Valentine Celebration with a weekend or just one evening at the Hope-Merrill House where Wine & Romance Intertwine.  February 14-17, 2020.

Romance is born in the imagination: The Wine Country in the wintertime; perhaps a Fireplace aglow or a Shower for Two awaiting you and your loved one. Chocolate Truffles and a bottle of Trentadue's  Chocolate Amore await you as The Hope-Merrill House welcomes you for a Valentine holiday. Our luxurious room await you. Indulge in a breakfast fit for those who insist on the finest fare. We offer you a custom-designed wine tour of Northern Sonoma wine country; and, how would you like to take along a picnic lunch?

Th e Two Night Packages includes:

A two night stay in the Hope-Merrill House with breakfast in the mornings.

Book any available room and receive two Chocolate Truffles and a bottle of Trentadue's    Chocolate Amore Port

The Three Night Package includes:

A three night stay in the Hope-Merrill House with breakfast in the mornings.

Book any available room and receive two Chocolate Truffles and a bottle of Trentadue's   Chocolate Amore Port and  receive a 50% off the third night stay.  Just for you, our local Valentine Guests, to accommodate those of you who must have an early departure, breakfast will be served continental style from 7:30 until 10 a.m. on Monday morning.

The One Night Package includes:

* Arrive in the afternoon of the 14th, enjoy a sip of your Chocolate Amore with your truffle, indulge in a hot bath or shower before going off to enjoy a romantic dinner at one of our local restaurants.

Book any available room and receive two Chocolate Truffles and a bottle of Trentadue's    Chocolate Amore Port.

Note:  Both packages are based on two persons, one room for the duration of your stay.  Lodging taxes not included.

Bring your electric car & hook up to our
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