Wine Country Inns, Sonoma Travel Planner
No matter what season it is in Northern Sonoma, there's are always gorgeous views.   Plan your next trip by looking at these scenes of Spring, Summer, Fall, and even a Winter visit can be memorable.
Located in the beautiful coastal foothills of Northern California is Lake Sonoma. Lake Sonoma is surrounded by Sonoma County vineyards and land rich in history. This provides the perfect setting for a wealth of recreation activities.  Also visit the marina here
Safari West is a private preserve and working ranch, dedicated to the conservation and propagation of endangered species. You can experience the thrill of a dusty African safari - gaze at herds of zebra, or watch a giraffe crane its mammoth neck to eat out of your hand. The 240 acres are home to over 400 exotic mammals and birds.
View the largest collection of original Peanuts art work in the world at the Charles M. Schulz Museum. Visitors can laugh at Schulz’s original comic strips, learn about the art of cartooning and Schulz’s role in its development, view a re-creation of Schulz’s art studio, watch animated Peanuts specials and documentaries in our Theatre, and draw their own cartoons in our hands-on education room. Click Here

The Santa Rosa Airport (STS) - Charles M. Schulz is only 20 minutes from our inn and have direct flights from many cities. Click Here

The serene, majestic beauty of Armstrong Redwoods is a living reminder of the magnificent primeval redwood forest that covered much of this area before logging operations began during the 19th century. Located an hour and a half's drive north of San Francisco, this 805 acre reserve provides visitors from all over the world with an extraordinary opportunity to experience the unforgettable beauty of an ancient redwood forest. This reserve includes a large outdoor amphitheater, self-guided nature trails, and a variety of picnic facilities. Although no camping is available in the redwood grove, there is a campground at Austin Creek State Recreation Area which is adjacent to the park.
The settlement of Ross, the name derived from the word for Russia (Rossiia) was established by the Russian - American Company, a commercial hunting and trading company chartered by the tsarist government, with shares held by the members of the Tsar’s family, court nobility and high officials. Trade was vital to Russian outposts in Alaska, where long winters exhausted supplies and the settlements could not grow enough food to support themselves. Baranov directed his chief deputy, Ivan Alexandrovich Kuskov, to establish a colony in California as a food source for Alaska and to hunt profitable sea otters. After several reconnaissance missions, Kuskov arrived at Ross in March of 1812 with a party of 25 Russians, many of them craftsmen, and 80 native Alaskans from Kodiak and the Aleutian Islands. After negotiating with the Kashaya Pomo people who inhabited the area, Kuskov began construction of the fort. The carpenters who accompanied Kuskov to Settlement Ross, along with their native Alaskan helpers, had worked on forts in Alaska, and the construction here followed models of the traditional stockade, blockhouses and log buildings found in Siberia and Alaska.
Spend a Relaxing Day on a Secluded Section of the Russian River in a SOAR Canoe or Cat!
You can now experience the total exhilaration of skydiving with the safety of a tandem jump.  Strapped securely to one of our expert tandem instructors, you will be taken on a thrilling mile-long freefall followed by a 5 to 10 minute parachute ride.

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