Out with Calamity, in with 1000 years of Tranquility.

According to several different legends, the world, as we know it on Friday Dec. 21, will either be destroyed or will begin a millennium of peace and tranquility.  Here at the Hope-Merrill House, we have decided to Welcome the New Beginning by offering a dinner party on Saturday Dec. 22, 2012 to celebrate. Plus, we are offering all of our rooms at  50% off starting on Dec. 21 through Dec. 29, 2012.

We will beginning the weekend, On Friday evening, Dec. 21, with our Friday Night Wine Tasting..we will have wine tasting event, from 6 pm - 7 pm.
On Saturday evening, Dec. 22, we will have the dinner party for only $25 per person, which includes complimentary wine. Tax, and gratuity will be added ($7.50). Wine tasting will again be from 6-7 pm, and dinner will begin at 7 pm.

Disclaimer:  All monies will be collected at the time of your reservation, and a minimum of 7 day notice is required for cancellations. If there is no Dec 22, no refunds will be given as you won't be around to collect, and we probably won't be around to refund it..


Hors d'ouerves:  Assorted Cheeses



Tomato Salad


Chicken Mole
Mexican Rice
Baked stuffed miniature Pumpkins
Flour & Corn Tortillas

Desert:  Mayan  Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream

Complimentary Hope-Merrill red and white wines will be served including a sparkling wine.

Note: This package is based on two persons, one room. May not be paired with any other offer.

Aztec Adaptation of the Mayan Calendar