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Newsletter December 21, 2018


 Happy New Year to Each and All of You!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful New Year's celebrating with family & or friends, or that you celebrated quietly at home.  May 2018 be a much saner year.


A Follow-up to October 2017

Although ours and your very special Sonoma Wine Country experienced some horrific fires, causing unimaginable damage in our neighboring communities.  Homes, businesses, jobs and worst of all, lives were lost.   The fires which were in Geyserville, were up in the Mountains to the east of town.  There was no smoke or damage in our bucolic little Hamlet.  Our Geyserville fire crews, with the help from fire companies from all over the country, and even Australia, kept us out of harms way.  Collectively, only 10% of Sonoma's wineries & vineyards were destroyed.  Again, our first responders were amazing and heroic.   With the incredible 75 mile an hour winds rapidly spreading the flames, it could have been ever so much worse.  We owe them a debt of gratitude.


Now it is time to return to the wine country to support the economy, so that the process of rebuilding can begin.  Homes need to be rebuilt, businesses need to get back providing jobs for those who lost theirs.  You can do that by participating in many of the winery events that will be occurring over the next few months.



January 13 & 14, 2018    Winter Wineland

This is a great opportunity to meet some winemakers &/or taste limited addition wines.   All participating wineries will feature either a particular varietal, vintage or vertical tasting.  For further info go to www.wineroad.com.

Here at the Hope-Merrill House we will be hosting our cozy Soup & Salad Supper on Friday evening, January 12, 2018.


January 27, 2018       Winemaker Dinner    J Rickards Vineyard & Winery

Our winemaker dinners with Jim Rickards are always fun, interesting and educational.  He will be sharing a couple of pre-release wines.    The cost of the event is the room rate for two for a two night stay plus $75 per couple.


Now through March 31, 2018    Support Sonoma Strong

Return or Make your First Trip to the Beautiful Wine Country Geyserville has been unscathed by the fires and wide open for business.  Winter is a great time to visit. For the returning guest and the newcomer, it is an opportunity to be one-on-one in the tasting room, often with the wineryís winemaker. Take advantage of our package. Stay one night at the full room rate Stay two nights and receive 20% off the second night Stay three nights and receive 40% off the third night Stay four nights and the fourth night is free No matter the numbered of nights, everyone will receive a Complimentary Wine Tasting Pass to over one hundred wineries. Plus, you will receive a gift card for a complimentary dessert for two at the ever popular Catelliís restaurant. Note: This package is based on two persons, one room. May not be paired with any other offer. This offer is valid through March 31, 2018.

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